Thursday, April 26, 2007

Photofriday topic "The Country": old red barn

It was about 3 in the afternoon, our beautiful daughter was down for her nap and we had just finished watching our second “Pimp my ride” episode when I announce to my husband that I’m going out to walk around the neighbor and take photos of trees.

“No seriously” he replied, because outdoorsy folk we are not.

Usually about this time I take a nap too, but since it was Earth day and it was beautiful outside I just felt like it really would be a waste not to take some photos. Recently I had discovered this fun trick for making photos look like old time sketches in Photoshop and I thought it would be fun to experiment with it using some photos of trees. I thought the spring green color of the new leaves next to these purple-y sort of trees we have around our neighborhood would be really great together in a colorized looking “sketch”. Okay I know, I’m off on a boring tangent here.

Well anyway, I did go out. Yay me! I took lots of photos of trees and flowers and experimented with the photos later that night when my daughter had gone to bed. The tree photos came out okay, although they were so much cooler in my head, but the photo I really liked best transformed in my sketch method was this photo (above) of this old red barn.

It was quite a surprise to come across an old red barn in a Washington DC suburb. I’m not sure if it really qualifies for the Photofriday “The country” topic, since it really wasn’t in the country. I guess at one time my neighborhood was the country. There was just this lone house with a barn and acres of land around it. Then in the early 90’s they built townhouses. I went a home owners meeting where we met our mayor and was talking to a guy there and he asked where I lived. When I told him he replied “I thought that was a farm!”

“Not anymore”

Things change and things surprise you, like I went out to take photos of trees and found an old barn was my best shot. Heck I’m just proud that I got out in the first place, although a nap would have been nice.

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